Our mantro Scalers team helps you to scale your business in Germany!

We offer you our German speaking experts. These are bold, passionate people who are used to develop awesome marketing and sales strategies but also to deliver on those.

B2B Marketing & Sales – on demand

Hiring can be tough and sometimes even doesn’t make any sense! Especially during your first months after market entry, business can be tough. You need to focus on hiring, creating your processes, set up the tool landscape and so on. We’re here to help. 

It’s simple – we’re good at B2B marketing and sales in Germany!

But we do not like to split those things up. So what we’d love to do, we listen to your challenges and offer you a tailored approach on how we can support you. 

This can be your interims sales rep on the ground, setup of tooling to track your sales pipeline or the setup of an inbound marketing campaign. 

Interested? Let’s talk!

Let’s talk!

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Bernd Schmidt

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