You should know the market and your competitors. 

Look, we know: You just want a German sales guy, who goes out and tries to sell your product. BUT, starting with that simply does not make sense and we cannot offer this service in good conscience. For a successful and sustainable validation of your sales potential in a new market, the people doing it have to know the product, market and competitors by heart. Anything other than that will have a very high likelihood of damaging your reputation and credibility before you have even entered the market.

We help you to plan your German market entry

We analyze the German market based on your input and help you understand the potential of your business in the German market.

Market Segments and Sizes

Our Basic Research with access to countless databases and German studies allows us to gain detailed insights into the German market.

You’ll get relevant data to estimate which market segments might be the most promising ones and how big they are.

Competitor Analysis

Which companies run the biggest show in Germany in your market? Which companies are most relevant and how do they perform?

We will provide you with a list of competitor’s information on their online marketing strategy and their relevance.

Keywords Research

Which Keywords perform well in Germany? What do they cost? What questions do people ask that we could answer with a good content strategy?

We will deliver a detailed keyword research (English and German Keywords).

Event Recommendations

Are you planning to go to Bits & Pretzels, the Euroguss expo or a local meeting of energy suppliers? There’s tons of small and big events that could be relevant for your business.

We identify and shortlist the most promising German- and English-speaking events for your successful German market entry .

Interviews are crucial

Our Pro Package includes our research teams going out to our network and further to ask the questions you have, to better understand the market. But we’re not just talking to anybody, we’re talking to exactly the right people. It is helpful to do that in German, using German networks like Xing to reach out to those interview partners.


Preparing and conducting 5 interviews within your target segment based on an agreed longlist of companies. 


Writing a summary of each interview with all important messages for your successful German market entry.

We find your partners

Our Pro+ market research package aims for companies searching partners in the German market to do sales for them. 

Partner Research

We find potential partners for you to work with in the German market – be it Joint Venture Partners, Distribution partners or even Production partners.

People to Talk to

Our team finds the right people to talk to in those potential partner companies.

Presentation + Q&A

Each of our packages finishes with a proper presentation of results that you can use when meeting your investors to present the German market potential for your business. In a joint Q&A session our market research expert answers open questions and also outlines possible ways for further collaboration.

mantro Scalers is your partner to perform an efficient but deep market research for your German market entry

Our extensive network within the German B2B market is unique. Our employees bring in their own network, but we can also access the contacts of 15 years of mantro. 

We built more than 20 ventures as joint ventures with corporate partners in Germany. We know the drill on how to do a proper market research that also attracts your investors.

We’ve not only got access to great databases, a great network and lots of experience but also to a great team in Munich. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have to say:

The basic market research done by mantro Scalers helped us to understand our market potential in Germany in a very structured and easy way. The service was delivered within a week and we could take their results as-is as an objective baseline to discuss our next funding round with our investors.

Tobias Schneider

CEO, exaas GmbH

When we started to develop our service offering for IND.ACADEMY, especially the mantro Scalers network was worth every penny. We got super fast intros to HR E-Learning Managers in the industry to better understand their needs. The structured approach helped us to form our investment teaser and was the base for our market entry business case.

Aaron Overmeyer


Our concept of standardized new work offices that can be delivered in no time was relying heavily on finding the right partners. mantro Scalers helped us to identify key partners in Germany and also helped us to initially contact them. With their PropTech network they could introduce us to valuable partner opportunities within a couple of days.

Oliver Thum

Location Manager Munich, Offezio GmbH

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