Test the market before you go all-in

Before investing in incorporation, hiring, office space and more, we’d suggest you’d be better off validating the market on the ground, in Germany. Try to secure a solid footing first, while validating inbound marketing, sales approaches and talking to potential partners.

Inbound Marketing Test

You should know the costs of reaching your potential buyers in Germany. How much will it be to win a lead over inbound marketing? How much will it be to generate awareness and lead traffic to your website? 

The Basics

There’s tons of stuff to be set up for a proper inbound test – landing pages, e-mail funnels, campaign analytics and conversion tracking, and all of this needs to be in line with the German version of GDPR, the DSGVO.

Google Adwords

We research relevant keywords in English and German (Germans tend to search in English language as well).  

Creation of multiple ads and creatives in German (Germans tend to choose German content if they can!)

Social Media Channel Preparation

We define your target audience for different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Xing (A German-Speaking business platform) together

We create German content to attract potential leads and create multiple ads and creatives in German. 

Run & Optimize

We’re running channel tests and identify the most promising channels, ads and creatives  to focus on quickly and optimize them. A/B tests of multiple ad versions and copies helps us to focus on the right style and copy.

We measure key KPIs needed for performance marketing scalings, such as cost per lead, cost per click and click-through-rate.

Going for marketing tests?

Sales Validation

The goal of our sales validation is to understand the approach, price point and partner setup that is needed to grow your business substantially in Germany.

Profit from our German speaking expert, who understands the German market and leverages a personal network but has also access to the whole mantro network. Our expert will then go out and talk to your target audience which was defined during market research.

Sales Strategy & Testing

To find out the best sales strategy, you need to have hypotheses and need to test them in the market. Our experienced German business development managers test different channels and help you understand the customer acquisition costs for each channel better. 

The right Price Point

Just because the price of your product works in Norway, France or Israel, it doesn’t mean it works like that in Germany. We’ll help you to validate pricing by generating leads and get them to a maturity where we can talk about pricing. 

Reaching out

Based on proper market research we understand the most important market segments. We’ll find out together which potential customers would be most interesting for you and match it with our network. If there are connections – nice! If not, we do the hard work reaching out to them via all potential channels. 


If you search for distribution partners or sales partnerships, we can focus on that as well. For some products or services it’s way better to be part of a bigger service or product portfolio of another partner. But often it’s still necessary to build up a couple of key-accounts. We’ll find out what’s necessary.

Going for sales validation?

German Market Test – Pro Version

With the Pro Version of our German market validation you get full insights into marketing and sales, it comes with a business case, more checks, office space and local onboarding.

Inbound Marketing Validation

We find out the best way to reach your audience via inbound channels.

Sales Validation

We are reaching  out to our network, cold-calling, going out, meeting people, creating leads trust and network for your business.

Regulation & Localization Pre-Check

We check your product or service for compatibility with German Law (partnering with a local lawyer).

Business Case

You profit from a business case that includes all inbound and outbound numbers and some projections for your start in Germany.

Office Space

If you want a person of your team become part of this endeavor, join us in our office!

Local Onboarding

In contrast to the smaller packages including remote onboarding, our team comes to your office in your home country to learn from you before starting.

Going for Pro Market Test? 

mantro Scalers benefits from 18 German B2B market entries in the last couple years

From scratch – that’s how developing a new market usually starts. Having a strong partner like mantro Scalers at your side makes the German market entry a lot easier. Instead of relying on a freelancer, you rely on a team of marketing, sales and business development experts.

18 German market entries of our own portfolio companies gave us special expertise in those fields.

We’ve also standardized our approach to do so: Same process – different nuances. That’s why we are able to provide our offer as fixed price services.

We cooperate with many international corporates that are highly interested in new startups coming into the German market.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have to say: 

Josef from mantro Scalers helped us tremendously by testing which marketing channels are the right ones and how to target each of those channels the right way. We still profit from the initial marketing validation performed by mantro Salers.

Franziska Mayr

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing & Communications at MOBIKO GmbH

Our sales approach was focused on the industry standard for Government sales. Onsite, trust building, big deals. This was way too slow. With mantro Scalers we developed a complete new pricing and selling model that we could sell online and via phone in a short amount of time. This reduced both CACs but also sales cycles massively.

Hendrik Geiger

Head of Product, Raumgold

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